What You Need to Know

Reliable Dumpsters is located in Jackson, Michigan and will deliver to a 40 mile radius

We have 2 sizes of dumpsters available, and rental is for 7 days, not including the drop-off day.

Pricing & measurements:

Pricing & measurements:

  • 15 yard = $360.00 ($30 each additional day) 8'Wx16'Lx3'H
  • 20 yard = $430.00 ($40 each additional day) 8'Wx16'Lx4'H

We will get your credit card information when you rent the dumpster, but will not charge it until after we have picked it up and dumped it.

We are a sister company of Brothers Outdoor World. This means when you see your receipt and the charge on your credit card, it will say Brothers, not Reliable.

Please remember that we cannot dump refrigerators, dehumidifiers, or air conditioners - unless the Freon unit is removed and the item is officially tagged. Also, flammable items like oil, fuel and wet paint of any kind is not allowed.

If your dumpster weighs a lot more than normal and your dump fee is more than half of the fee we are charging, the remainder will be charged to you.

Additional items that may incur an extra charge are as follows:

  • Mattresses: $10
  • Box springs $10
  • Stoves/dishwashers/washers/dryers: $10
  • Large furniture $10-$25
  • Toilets: $5 (Hint: if the item is unrecognizable - i.e. the toilet is smashed to pieces - it probably will not incur a charge)
  • Regular vehicle tires:$6
  • Large tractor tires:$10-$25

If you need addtional waste sites for these items give us a call at (517) 569-7000.